ALL Report: Health Care Betrayal

From ALL:

Sr. Keehan and 60 progressive nuns claim abortion coverage is not in the Obama Health Reform Law, yet the Dept. of Health and Human Services released $160 million for emergency insurance to cover abortions … UNDER the new law (read about it here: So who is really to blame for this great expansion of abortion and birth control?  Hint: It’s not exactly who you may think.


4 thoughts on “ALL Report: Health Care Betrayal

  1. Sex education bad? This video has truly given me a clearer insight to why anyone would be opposed to socialized healthcare. Frankly, I had been wondering for a long time why anyone would be against it. Here’s some good news, I have the perfect solution, simply add to the bill the phrase,
    “Any person who identifies with the Christian faith, and is against abortion, and said person has no wish to receive an abortion, will under this provision not be allowed to have an abortion.”

    Your welcome 😉

    • A.) Do you have any comprehension of why abortion is controversial, or any rudimentary knowledge about human embryology?

      B.) Do you have any comprehension of the fact that it’s wrong to force people to pay for things they don’t believe in?

      C.) Do you have any comprehension of the fact that socialism just doesn’t work?

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