ALL Report: Health Care Betrayal

From ALL:

Sr. Keehan and 60 progressive nuns claim abortion coverage is not in the Obama Health Reform Law, yet the Dept. of Health and Human Services released $160 million for emergency insurance to cover abortions … UNDER the new law (read about it here: So who is really to blame for this great expansion of abortion and birth control?  Hint: It’s not exactly who you may think.

ALL Report: Abortion Excommunication

From American Life League’s Michael Hichborn:

Sr. Margaret McBride, who was the head of the ethics committee for St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, personally authorized the abortion of an 11-week pre-term baby. This act incurred automatic excommunication, but the response from dissident “Catholic” media outlets was to attack the innocent instead of the guilty.

ALL Report: Crushing the Serpent’s Head

Cheney on Obama’s Foreign Policy Record

Via Power Line, here’s the video of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent speech to the Center for Security Policy.

I sure do miss substance in defense policymaking…

Hannan & the Flood

Some humor from the Right’s new favorite statesman:

Donald Duck vs. Adolf Hitler

Woah.  Can you imagine something like this making it past the drawing board today?

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Hat tip to Allah for this great video.


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