Waste 101

Fox News has a few videos from last night’s special, “Waste 101,” in which Sean Hannity highlights 101 examples of wastefully-spent taxpayer dollars from the stimulus bill Barack Obama is so very proud of (and is so wonderful that new restrictions on criticizing it are in order).  It’s more of the same crap that groups like Club for Growth and Citizens Against Government Waste have been sounding the alarm on for years—bridges named after politicians, useless government make-work jobs, gifts to lobbyists and special interests, obscure scientific research, et cetera.  It puts the lie to the claim that Obama and the Democrats have any interest in fiscal responsibility.

Two points, though.  First, this is from the guy who not only claimed to be different (which all politicians do), but based his entire campaign on the concept.  Second, not only does Obama reflect all the problems of the status quo, but he amplifies them: Hannity’s rundown totaled over a billion dollars, out of a $787 billion bill, meaning it barely scratches the surface of the waste this administration has already spent in less than half a year in office—and there’s more where that came from.

Cleaning up the mess the 44th president is making is not going to be a fun task.

PS: Wisconsin Dems are no better.


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